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The goal when flirting with a woman is to create a unique connection between you and her. You want her and yourself to become immersed and wrapped up in your conversation and interaction.

How Do You Do This?

There are three things you must do:

1. Smile – when you smile at her you are flirting non-verbally. There isn’t anything you can do to say “I’m happy to see you” or “I like you” more than looking her in the eyes and smiling at her. Further when you smile at her you are showing her your most attractive side and you will appear confident [url= http://www.officialeaglesfootballstore.com/jj-arcega-whiteside-jersey-cheap]JJ Arcega-Whiteside Limited Jersey[/url] , approachable, outgoing. All of these are attractive and desirable qualities that you want to show!

2. Express an Interest In Her – ask her about her life. You can ask about her; family, friends [url= http://www.officialeaglesfootballstore.com/miles-sanders-jersey-cheap]Miles Sanders Limited Jersey[/url] , education, job, dream job [url= http://www.officialeaglesfootballstore.com/andre-dillard-jersey-cheap]Andre Dillard Limited Jersey[/url] , dream life, where she grew up . Everyone enjoys talking about themselves, just by showing an interest and asking about her she will feel that you are genuinely interested in her.

3. Actually Listen – You must listen to what she says when she responds to your questions. For example; if she tells you she has an older sister living in Colorado but your conversation naturally flows to what she is doing for work. If later in the conversation you can bring her sister back up and ask her if she gets to see her often or if they are close or any question about her older sister that lives in Colorado [url= http://www.officialeaglesfootballstore.com/clayton-thorson-jersey-cheap]Clayton Thorson Limited Jersey[/url] , it will show her you are genuinely listening and interested! One thing everyone is looking for in a romantic partner is someone that listens to them.

These three steps sound almost like common sense but you would be shocked by how few men actually do them! Don’t believe me go ask some women anywhere how many Men have smiled at her, expressed an interest in her, and actually listened as a means to flirting with her. I guarantee her response will be very low if any [url= http://www.officialeaglesfootballstore.com/shareef-miller-jersey-cheap]Shareef Miller Limited Jersey[/url] , despite the fact that this is what women are really looking for in a Man and a partner!

If you can take these three steps and use those with every woman you want to flirt with you will have an abundance of success. Women are really looking for that connection and to feel like they are being listened to and cared for. The same is true for men; we don’t want to date a girl that doesn’t really listen to us. Moving forward make sure to put effort into creating and developing this connection with women and if you feel a connection it is almost a guarantee she does too!

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