It's no secret that the best way to build a team in the NFL  


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If you look at the most recent Super Bowl champions - such as the Philadelphia Eagles Will Harris Jersey , New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos - you'll notice that the bulk of their core players were drafted. Long gone are the days where teams try throwing money around at superstars, hoping they can quickly deliver a championship.Now, take a look at the worst teams over the past 10 to 20 years. Clubs like the Cleveland Browns , New York Jets, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars have been absolutely horrible when it comes to drafting. These teams have been blessed with top-10 selections for many years, and yet they rarely seem to draft an impact player.Obviously, some teams manage to make the most of their first-round picks , such as the Eagles, Seahawks, Patriots, Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. But at the end of the day Darnell Savage Jr. Jersey , nobody is perfect, and every team has managed to miss out on some quality talent due to some terrible drafting decisions.There are two years left in the 2010s decade, but all 32 teams have had at least one terrible first-round selection in this decade. It doesn't only hurt in the fact that they wasted a luxurious pick, but that they also managed to pass on a franchise-changing superstar.Here , we went through the past nine drafts and found the most regretful first-round pick for every team. The NFL changes rapidly. Often times that means your favourite team's depth chart can shuffle around massively from year to year. Some players find themselves starting every single game for a team one year, but due to performance or age, can find themselves washed up and out of the league the following season. With sports in general becoming faster and younger everyday, it can be understandable that some older/less dominant players fall by the wayside. Sometimes these washed up players still believe that can play at an elite level though. While a guy like James Harrison is proving age is just a number Jace Sternberger Jersey , other players are not so lucky. A lot of players have passed their primes and will likely never return.The players below are some familiar faces around the league that still occupied starting spots in the 2017-2018 season that could find their way out of that role due to their abysmal play. These players should not expect to be starting for their current franchises next season. Some will either be replaced at the top of the depth chart, while others who looked absolutely washed up last season will find a hard time getting back into the league. Not every player on this list will be replaced or shipped off to a new team obviously, but many need a harsh reality check that their starting days are winding down fast as their play declines.


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