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Being a professional football player is a dream that many people harbor in their hearts Clelin Ferrell Jersey , even if they’re too shy to admit it. When an athlete is drafted to the NFL, this changes his life forever. Of course, there are the high-adrenaline games, complete with screaming fans , emotionally charged coaches and a host of family and friends. Players also have the luxury of staying in the best hotels when traveling and they’re often sought after to endorse products for a number of reputable companies.Professional athletes are also known for their tendencies to party too hard sometimes and for being very popular with the ladies. There aren’t too many women who would pass up a chance to date or marry a football player who has millions of dollars.There’s no getting around it. The role of NFL player is a coveted one. It’s hard work, but the perks that come with this job are pretty sweet. Unfortunately, there are some NFL players who are so consumed in the life that comes with being a professional athlete, that they forget to save for retirement. After all Johnathan Abram Jersey , being a football player is a full-time job and athletes should have a solid financial plan together for when they are no longer able to play professional sports. It’s also essential for NFL players to plan for their financial futures in case they are injured while playing football. According to Fortune, about 16% of players who retire from the NFL go bankrupt. Ouch.The appeal that comes from living a lavish lifestyle is overwhelming for many, especially football players who come from humble beginnings. These athletes are finally able to have the life they’ve dreamed about and some are helping to improve the lives of their families. However, unorganized spending habits have caused some of these ex-NFL players to go broke and pick up regular jobs. Here’s a list of 15 cautionary tales. The federal government shutdown prompted the Air Force Academy on Saturday to call off sports events and upended plans for military outside the U.S. wanting to follow the NFL’s conference playoff games on TV and radio.


Games involving the Army and Navy men’s basketball teams were played as scheduled.

Hours after the partial shutdown took effect , the Air Force Academy said both home and away events have been postponed. Among them were the men’s and women’s basketball games at Fresno State

The American Forces Network, which broadcasts American radio and television programming in Europe and other locations outside the U.S., put a message on its Facebook page that said its services would not be available ”due to the government shutdown.”

The notice sparked angry reactions from viewers, with several noting the timing couldn’t have been worse. The two NFL conference championships are Sunday – Minnesota vs. Philadelphia and Jacksonville vs. New England.

”During NFL PLAYOFFS?!” one post read. ”AFN Maxx Crosby Jersey , start a GoFundMe & broadcast these games! Make it happen!”

The Air Force Academy’s online sports calendar lists seven competitions that had been set for Saturday. In addition to the basketball, there men’s and women’s swimming at UNLV, men’s hockey against Sacred Heart at the academy and men’s gymnastics against Oklahoma at the academy.

The rifle team was scheduled to compete against TCU, the Coast Guard and Ohio State at TCU.

On Sunday Hakeem Butler Jersey , the academy has tennis and wrestling events scheduled.


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